Special Show BCCCZ 2016

I’m so happy about results of my dogs and offspring at this show!! Just check it out!

junior class males (/16)
Glamdring’s Glow of Bordertreowe – Excellent 1st, CAJC, BOJ, Junior Special Winner
champion cl. females (/5)
White And Black Gasko Prim – Excellent 3rd
puppy class males (/5)
Aspire Ike Legemond – Very Promising 1st, Best Puppy in Breed
Alego The Beau Legemond – Very Promising 3rd
puppy class females (/13)
Action’N Reaction Legemond – Very Promising 1st
Adventure of Legemond – Very Promising 3rd

Best brace competition (/3)
Archer & Annie – 1st place!

foto: Ondřej Vacula, Kačenka Dědičová