Saturday judge: Korózs-Papp Judit (HU)16665342_1580859841941830_3949229020022853166_o
Action’N Reaction Legemond – „Annie“ – Excellent

Glamdring’s Glow of Bordertreowe „Archer“ – Excellent 2nd, r.CAC

White And Black Gasko Prim „Jessie“ – Excellent


Sunday judge: Petkevica Beata (LV)

On sunday show „Archer“ won intermediate class with CAC, then CACIB and CAC ČMKU and finally he added BEST OF BREED title out of 72 entired Border collies!!!!!

„Annie“ had debut in intermediate class and she did very well for her age! She got Ex.1, CAC and she also beated other adult girls and got CACIB and CAC ČMKU !!!!!!!! She is new Czech Junior Champion.

„Jessie“was showed in honor class, she was Excellent 1st and in finals shortlisted in BIS Honor class under judge Leoš Jančík (CZ)