Litter „F“ Legemond was born on 17.07.2019 …. check out our Litters page


National Dog Show Mladá Boleslav

CASSIOPEIA Legemond (interm. class) – Excellent 1st, CAC, National Winner, CAC CMKU, Best of Breed!!!!!
ASPIRE IKE Legemond (champ.class) – Excellent 2nd, reserveCAC

CACIB Veľká Ida 2019

BANG BANG Legemond (open class) –  Excellent 1st, CAC
CASSANDRA Legemond (open class) – Excellent 3rd

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International show Brno

Ch. Adventure of Legemond (open class – 6) – exc.1, CAC, Res.CACIB !! Congrats to owners!

We are planning puppies for summer 2019!

Kryciě plakaět

Club Show BCCCZ 2019 (without Club winner title)

113 Border Collies entired!
Ian Wiltshire & Lenka Klímová (non tittles classes)

I have to start our results with “Monty” BOND OF TRUST Legemond (open class /12) – Excellent 1st, CAC, BEST MALE, Best Of Breed – with this result he did it 5 times IN ROW!
Club show 2018 – Best male + BOS
Special show 2018 – Special show winner + BOS
Central European show 2018 – Central European winner
Club show 2018 – Club winner + BOB
Club show 2019 – Best male + BOB
This dog make me super proud every time. Also it is a pleasure to be it the ring with him, he enjoy it a lot and I enjoy that time with him. He is the happiest dog in the ring I think

But this time I’m happy about all our results, because all Legemond dogs&kids took placement and an “Excellent” ….let’s see

“Monty2” CALYPSO KING Legemond (intermediate cl. /9) – Excellent 2nd, reserve CAC on his first show ever!

“Archer” GLAMDRING’S GLOW of Bordertreowe (champion cl. /6) – Excellent 4th

“Orinka” DOORLY’S DREAM Legemond (puppy cl. /7) – Very promising 3rd

“Connie” A COPY OF JESS Legemond (open class /16) – Excellent 2nd, reserve CAC

“Eddie” ADVENTURE OF Legemond (open class /16) – Excellent 3rd

“Jessie” WHITE AND BLACK Gasko Prim (champion cl. /7) – Excellent 2nd, reserve CAC

“Goldy” FALLING GOLD STAR Haliba (veteran class /7) – Excellent 2nd

Best brace 1st place “Jessie”&”Monty”


Club Show Slovakia

BANG BANG Legemond – Excellent 1st, CAC, Best of Breed, Club Winner and special prize of the judge!
Cassandra Legemond – Excellent 2nd, resCAC


CACIB Prague 2019

GLAMDRING’S GLOW of Bordertreowe “Archer” (champ.class /4) – Excellent 1st, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, BOS!

FALLING GOLD STAR Haliba “Goldy” – Excellent 1st 

CASSIOPEIA Legemond – Excellent 2nd, resCAC


CACIB České Budějovice (CZ)

Falling Gold Star Haliba (veteran cl./2) – Excellent 1st, BOV, BEST OF OPPOSITE SEX!

Cassiopeia Legemond (intermediate /3) – Excellent 2nd, r.CAC



National Dog Show Ostrava

Falling Gold Star Haliba (veteran cl.) – Excellent 3

Cassiopeia Legemond (intermediate) – Excellent 1st, CAC, Natonal Winner, BOB, reserve BEST IN GROUP!